augmented reality island

Lucky visitors who come to "The Island" get their wish's granted during the Dumbo Arts Festival 2011!

On September 23 at 6:30, the 24th at 6:00 and during the entire festival lucky visitors may have one wish granted.

Project Location

Visitors with supported smart phones may visit "The Island" during the Dumbo Arts Festival.

To enter "The Island" go to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Main St. or Washington St. entrance. At these entrances turn on your smart phone and load the "Layar" app. Search for "The Island" and launch the app. An ocean and a bridge will appear leading into the park. The bridge leads to an island in the middle of the park. Care should be taken of the ocean while crossing the bridge. Once on the island walk to the top of the hill at the center of the park. Look for the island mystic. It is through the island mystic that island visitors may communicate with the island goddess. If you are lucky you may ask the island goddess for one wish. Before coming to the island think very carefully what to wish for because only one wish will be granted to a lucky viewers. If you are lucky the goddess will grant your wish!